Stun those Stalkers with this Self Defense Gun.

Why get blood on your hands and go Macbeth in your life when you can just zapp your tormentors and give’em a shock of their petty life! Remember, Jab we Met, where all those nasty, low bred eve teasers saw right even in your left handed back slap?
Well, no need to let them go touchy on your self defense back handed slaps and bad-ass kicks. All you need handy is this stun gun to make the definition of ‘stunning’ looks clearer!!

Let the Eve Teasers be tasered into an unforgettable slumber!
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Product Description :-
  • The Stungun will make sure you are safe and untouched to any unwanted teasing or harassment.
  • The ‘Zapp’ it produces with a simple press of a button is powerful enough to scare the culprit and alert the crowd near you.
  • The ‘Zapp’ is effective enough to stun the person for few minutes and make him fall on his feet.
  • A big advantage with this gadget is that it allows you multiple fires in case of a misfire, unlike in case of a Taser.
  • It consists of rechargeable batteries with a charging cable included in the box, and a single charge is enough to fire atleast 100 Zapps.
  • Its not just a Stungun but also serves as a Torch with high-beam white light.
  • It has a compact design with a cover to tuck it in your waistbelt or keep it in your purse and pocket.
  • It is ideal for both Boys and Girls and is allowed to be carried in public places, Metro and Buses.
  • It is meant for Safety Purpose only and does not pose any danger to Human Life, however it should not be used by/on Minors.

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MRP : 699/-  Special Price : Rs499/- 

You Save : 200/-
(Free Delivery)
(Delivery: 7-10 Business Days)

NOTE: For any queries please write us at
Legal Tip : If you get an Invoice, you will get your Order too.

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