10 Things to-do in your Mid-Sem Break.

Mid semester breaks are usually a time of introspection,self accomplishment,  glancing at the near future optimistically and definitely having fun . Here are 10 activities that may do the trick.
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1. Bir Billing

A short holiday is a perfect getaway from chasing assignment deadlines and society practices. Located in Himachal Pradesh, Bir is the hub for paragliding and adventure sports. For the non-adventure junkies it has a wide variety of experiences all together. Monastery restaurants, breath taking scenery and the Himalayan Film school are some must visit spots. October-November is a good time to visit but please do take a note of the weather before planning this fun mountain trip.
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2. Social Media Manager

Did you ever feel guilty about spending hours on Instagram and WhatsApp, this time can be used to work smart. Well it’s time to use your social media expertise to boost and market a local enterprise or start up. This experience will help you to connect social media to the real world and even add a few bucks in your pocket depending on the quality of your work.
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3. Sonic ocean water

Remember the blue drink that they serve at all Indian Weddings and cocktail parties, the blue drink that we were never allowed to have as kids because of our sensitive throat. Well you could make that with boiled sugar and water, add sprite and a pinch of food color. Savor true pleasure with this mock-tail while enjoying your favorite episode of Friends or Game of Thrones.
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4. Artisan

Use your talent and craft-work to satisfy your need for recognition and fill your pockets by selling your paintings, artwork and sculptures at Etsy or Amazon. If making snacks and delicious food gives you joy, collaborate with a cafe or sell your home made products at college dorms, but don’t get into trouble by trying to sell stuff to the wrong senior.
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5. Digital Marketing Course

Since everything today is digital from recharging your metro card  to money transfers at “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, it might not be a bad idea to get a hang of the digital world. This course could be done online itself and will earn you a mini-MBA in Digital Marketing.
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6. Bookshelves

Books are an integral part of a student’s life. What if you could use the book end to make a book shelf. The book end can be attached to the wall and books can be taken out without opening a cupboard or drawer. Look it up and try it out.
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7. Learn to play an instrument

Start learning an instrument such as violin, piano or any other instrument that fascinates you. This will add the rhythm and soul of music in your life. It will deepen your interest in music and embed harmony and calmness in your attitude towards life.
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8. Social Work

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) has helped a million people get internet access and 5000 rural entities. The best part is that it has flexible duration internships ranging from a month(rapship), a three month research and travel experience(surfship) and a six month to one year internship(deepship). Now that sounds exciting ?
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9. Go Goa

Goa is one of the best tourist places in India. But the best way to explore is to rent an apartment and scooter and explore! Enjoy good food and drinks in the beach restaurants and shacks with your friends. Please do live up to the theme of Dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing).
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10. Discover food

Go to such restaurants in your city which you have never been before instead of ordering in or going to the same old places. This will tell you facts and fun places about the city and add charm. So go out there and eat to your heart’s content but don’t let your stomach get the better of it.
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This Article is written by Maitreyi Mehndiratta.

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