The 1247 Technique : How to be a Topper

Generally, during preparation for exams, students spend 10-12 hours in a day on various topics. After the 1st study, since students get familiar with the topics, they ignore to revise it again.

A study says, we tend to forget 3/4th (about 75%) of what we have studied if we do not revise it within next 24 hours.

This is where 1247 technique can be most beneficial for students.

What is 1247 Technique?

Its a memory technique wherein you should revise whatever you have studied thrice after the 1st study. So effectively, you will study 4 times in 1-2-4-7 order.

  • Initial study on the first day. (1)
  • Revision on the next day after 1st study. (2)
  • Again on the 4th day. (4)
  • Again on the 7th day. (7)

Will it take more time to study?

Since the concepts are familiar, it will take less time to revise. For the 1st revision, it will take around 1 hour. 2nd Revision will take around 25-30 minutes. 3rd Revision around 5 minutes. As you keep re-visiting the topics, you save your precious time and also there will be less pressure on your brain.


Studying this way, the concepts will go sit in your permanent memory. You can also recall whatever you have learned, quickly. This technique is extremely beneficial to those students who struggle in some topics/subjects.

Happy Learning… 🤗

Source : Quora

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