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What are some quick hacks to improve your personality?

It’s great that you asked the question because it means that you have accepted the fact that your personality lacks that charm, that aura, that confidence which you want but don’t have that right now. The definition of Personality is the “combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

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If you are willing to accept this fact and are going to scroll down then congratulations my friend as you just took the first step.

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1. Avoid touching the other person while talking, this is one of the worst personality traits.

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2. Clothes must not hang loose on your body.

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3. Tie, belt buckle and zip must be in a straight line.


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4. There must always be a little seriousness on your face even if you are laughing.

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5. Hair must be properly combed.

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6. Always carry a little perfume on your clothes just to give something positive to the people you meet everyday (and avoid the stinky sweat smell) but remember applying too much perfume may give allergies to others or even make you look fake.

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7. You must always be calm, composed & cool about everything. This will build a positive aura around your body attracting people towards you.

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8. Avoid itching in front of other people.

Image result for talk looking the eyes
9. Talk looking into the eyes of the other person.

Image result for bad breath
10. Teeth must always be clean and mouth must not be stinky, chew a mint gum or use mouth wash because a single bad breath can eliminate a thousand opportunities.

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11. Never laugh too much.

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12. Speak a bit less and think before you speak because one wrong word can hurt your personality.


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13. Never act desperate even if your life depends on something.

Image result for sit straight
14. Sit straight don’t bend your back.

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