FYI : Its a strange World

You might have heard of stories about unicorns and mermaids and flying chariots, but we are sure you have never noticed these facts existing in the same world you live in. Give a check to your mystery mind and you’ll find …

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1.There are no rivers in Saudi Arabia.

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2.You have to spend ₹ 7015000 to visit the Titanic’s wreck in the Atlantic.

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3.The below photo is of Li Ching Yuen. According to a 1930 article from the New York times, he reportedly lived to be 256 years old (1677-1933). He married 23 times Fathering some 200 children in the process.

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4.If you search for “241543903” in Google images, you will find a lot of pictures of people putting their heads in Refrigerators.

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5.E.C.George Sudarshan is an Indian Theoretical Physicist from Kerala. He is the first scientist in the world to Disprove Einstein’s Theory that Nothing can travel faster than light. He found a particle called Tachyon which can travel faster than lightHe is a well known figure in the world, yet most of Indians don’t even know him.

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6. In Iraq, in the book market,books remain in the street at night because Iraquin say: The Reader does not steal and the thief does not read.

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7. Nasa will send you a text message whenever the International space station passes over your location.

Image result for Andrew Carlssin
8. In 2003 Andrew Carlssin claimed to come from the future and knows exact results of share market, so to prove he invested $800 in stocks which made profits of $350 million. FBI arrested him, he told FBI future events and FBI waived all his charges. He left by saying Everything is time. Later FBI denied his existence.

Image result for Gliese 436b
9.There is a planet “Gliese 436b”, which is covered in burning ice. The temperature of this planet is approx 712k(439 degree C)

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10.The climbing Gourami is a fish that has the ability to climb out of water, breathe oxygen, and even walk for short distances.

Image result for jellyfish
11.Jellyfish and Lobsters are considered Biologically immortal. They don’t age and never die unless they are killed.

Image result for black hole real image
12.If you could produce a sound louder than 1100dB, you would possibly create a black hole, sufficient to destroy our entire galaxy.

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13.The phone number 1-800-876-5353 was used to be a tip line for unsolved mysteries. But if you call it now, it will say “this service has now been suspended” but if you wait for 15 seconds after the company’s voice you will hear a growling LOL and will record everything you say.

Image result for taj mahal at night
14.Taj Mahal stay in dark at night and for 400 years there are no lights at Taj. Once government tried to put lights in garden of Taj but on the first night all lights got broken. Same happened second time. It is written Mumtaz’s soul rests every night and some power protects it. It is impossible to illuminate Taj.

Image result for leap year reason
15.Earth doesn’t complete it’s rotation in 24 hours. It takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.2 seconds.

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16.There is a website www.twinstrangers.net that takes your photo and finds people around the world who look like you.

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17.This story tells of a ship which sank in the Menai strait of the coast of whales on December 5, 1664. All 81 passengers died except one. His name was Hugh Williams. Then on December 5, 1785 another ship with 60 abord passengers sank in the Menai strait. The only survivor Hugh Williams. In 1820 on December 5, a third ship sank in the Menai strait. All 25 drowned except, you guessed it right Hugh Williams.

Image result for Vasili Arkhipov
18.The World war 3 was just 2 minutes away, but Russian army officer Vasili Arkhipov refused to drop nuclear bomb on America on October 27, 1962. He saved the whole world. But it is very sad to know that no one knows him.

Image result for annabelle doll
19.Recently in Peru, a new possessed doll is found. When the batteries of the doll were removed, the doll started to move. All the people started to freak out. It is found that the doll is carrying someone’s dead soul. Owners are selling that doll for $66 . Anyone can buy that.

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20. In 1978, a plane suddenly disappeared flying over Australia. When heard the last communication of pilot, he said “ Huge strange aircraft is hovering on top of the plane” Just after 2 seconds he said “ It’s not an aircraft”. Just after 3 days of incident we received a signal from outer space and nobody till now knows where it came from.

Image result for newtons apple tree
21.The Apple tree where Issac Newton discovered gravity is still alive and well outside his childhood home.

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