‘Hats-Off’ to our Seniors

We need not explain the importance of our seniors, whether it is previous year question papers and notes or an inter-college competition. It is impossible to imagine college life without seniors and bidding them farewell is the saddest part.

Image result for decorate convocation hat

Convocation Hats are a true gift to your seniors. It’s like a Farewell Rose that will always remind them of their Golden Days and Moments spent in College. These Hats will not just be a farewell memento but it will hold a deeper emotional value, connecting them to their campus lives forever.

Related image
Planning a Farewell and still confused between coffee mugs and sachets…? Fellas its time to go beyond and gift something that stays with a student for all their life and fits easy to your Party Budget. What are you waiting for? Order Now!

Price : Rs100/pc

(Minimum order 20 pieces)
(Delivery Time 7 – 10 Business Days)

Legal Advise: If you get an Invoice you’ll get your Order too.

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