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One of the best things about being a student is that you have so much flexibility over your time. Make the most of it by planning your holiday(s) for 2018.
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The love affair between British students and eastern European cities looks set to continue into 2018, and with good reason. Countries like Hungary are shrugging off outdated stereotypes and reinventing themselves as tourist hotspots. Budapest stands out as a city with something for everyone: come for the fascinating history and magnificent architecture, stay for the impressively affordable accommodation and food prices. With the pound weak against the Euro for the foreseeable future, there’s never been a better time to turn your attention to Europe’s lesser-known gems.

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Is there any country in the world as diverse as Greece? Athens boasts the best of European metropolitan life without the impact on your budget that a trip to most big capitals would have. Venture out of the city and you’ll find a countryside dotted with sites of enormous historical significance, like the ancient oracle at Delphi or Olympia, the site of the original Olympic games. Away from the mainland, the Greek islands are as varied as they are numerous, offering everything from isolated retreats to infamous party hotspots.

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Given that you may be less keen to visit America this year (you know why), Canada now looks like the best spot for a North American trip. Just as beautiful in sunny summer and snowy winter, Canada deserves serious consideration as a tourist destination. Montreal will be celebrating its 375th birthday this year and its citizens have got a lot of events planned to celebrate, making it the top choice for a Canadian holiday.

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A beacon of stability in an uncertain region, Jordan is one of the Middle East’s best tourist destinations. This tolerant and diverse kingdom stretches from the shores of the Dead Sea to a huge and rocky desert and boasts an impressive range of natural and manmade wonders. The country’s standout attraction is Petra, a magnificent ancient city carved into rocky hills that dates back centuries.

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If one of your bucket list wishes, is to swim with the fishes, then this is the destination for you! The Great Barrier Reef is often referred to as ‘Australia’s Great Natural Wonder’ and they aren’t wrong, it really is great. Not only can you snorkel your way through that, but you can also feel the fresh salty air, the sand between your toes and the glorious sunshine when you are out of the water. The temperature, even in the winter, is between 17.5 and 26 degrees! Very different from UK weather! If you aren’t really a beach person, there are some wonderful alternatives such as exploring the Wet Tropics Rainforests, getting the adrenaline pumping with white water rafting, bungee jumping and skydiving and shopping the local farmers markets. Most would call this destination paradise. You might think Cairn’s is a bit too pricey, but you can find pretty incredible deals for students online now-a-days. Important tip: Take sunscreen!

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Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence this year but that’s hardly the only reason to make a visit to this Nordic wonderland. Snowy Scandinavian landscapes might not be for everyone but there is an overwhelming amount of natural beauty to be found for those inclined to look. If you can, try and go north to see the Northern Lights because after 2017 they are supposedly going to be less visible for a decade due to a downturn in the solar cycle. Astronomy, eh?

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Want to visit southeast Asia but avoid the clichés of Thailand, Vietnam and co.? For true adventure-seekers, a trip to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) can be a hugely rewarding challenge. A long period of political isolation has left much of Myanmar untouched by outsiders. Now that the country is opening up to the world, visitors have a unique opportunity to explore its rich culture and beautiful scenery without feeling like a typical tourist. Just take a look at the landscape of Bagan (below) and tell us that it doesn’t get your wanderlust going.

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